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LuguLake 7" Video Greeting Card,Video Brochure for Father's Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Marketing Include 2G Memory and Rechargeable Battery LCD Screen Digital Brochures
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  • 【Portable 7’’ Digital Display】 compact A5 size fit conveniently in hand or bags for a easy carrying, transportation or mailing. Its 1500 mA rechargeable battery with micro USB cable makes it great for fast playing at whatever place at any time.
  • 【Convenient Simple Operation】Video brochure operate independently without wires, internet access, software downloads and installation. Complete with multiple control buttons including volume controls, on/off switch, previous/ next video selecting, and play/pause.
  • 【Simply Custom Your Own Style-】easy to custom your cover your favorite images, fonts, text, logo and others by proving 4pcs self-adhesive A5 printable photos. Plus, personalize your fun, unique content by simply uploading video.
  • 【Wide Usage for All Occasion】 perfectly used as high-end manual book, product catalog, adverting brochure, or exhibition of personal works to customers. Best gift for friends or family in wedding, father’s day,birthday, Christmas and so on.
  • 【This video card doesn't support the photo formats】*It is not compatible with the latest operating system of Apple Computer. It can be connected to a normal PC.*Please feel free to contact us to get wholesale price. We also provide customized servie. Minimum order quantity 100+. If you need any technical support,please feel free to contact LuguLake support team.



LuguLake Video Greeting Card, Giving You A Better Purchase Experience!

Any technical problems you encounter, please feel free to contact our support team for a solution!

Q1.My Computers wouldn't recognize the video card.

*It is not compatible with the latest operating system of Apple Computer. It can be connected to a normal PC.

1. Restart Your Computer.

2. Try Plugging Into a Different USB Port.

3. Swap to a Different USB Cable if you have one handy.

4. Plug Your Device Into a Different Computer

If you don’t have a spare computer, but you do have an extra flash drive laying around, or any other USB device, then try plugging that in before you move on to anything more complicated.

Q2. Unable to upload files Says no file

Greeting cards have requirements for the uploaded video format and specifications.

Please check the following parameters of your video before uploading

*FPS(Frames per second) No Higher Than 25

*Aspect ratio:16:9

*Resolution: 1024*600 pixels(Too high to play)


Q3. Card video turns on even when closed

The ON/OFF switch is controlled by the magnet built on the edge of the brochure. If pile one brochure above another, the video will randomly play. Please place the brochure individually. Or rotate the brochure 180 degrees when you pile one above another.


Be A Unique Designer

2Company Information

LuguLake’s manufacturer was founded in 1993, starting with loudspeaker development and manufacturing, achieved its own core competence of electro-acoustic design, wireless technology, software development.

LuguLake's main products include electro-acoustic products, smart wearable products, high tech and creative products.


Operating Instructions:


  • 1.When you open the greeting card, it will automatically play the video loop playback.
  • 2 Charge: First,USB ties is inserted to computer and then insert to the card USB interface, which the battery could be charged. During the charging process, the card is closed. The charging time is 3~4 hours.
  • 3. When loading the videos, the video files could be stored to the VIDEO Folder of the removable Disk or you can copy the data of the LCD card to the computer or U Disk


  • 2G Memory
  • A5 Brochure
  • 7” LCD display
  • 16:9 Format Aspect
  • Ratio 1024*600 pixeis
  • Rechargable Battery 1500mah (4hr play time)

video card

Customized Greeting Video Card

Make unique custom video LCD greeting cards, album, video book, invitations and video brochures. Your video will automatically play when the card is opened. You can design it however you want.

video card

video greeting card


Easy to add the video

Perfect Gift Choice

Suggest to make a images video album

Please noted that can only support video format.