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8-in-1 Multi-function Heat Press Machine 12'' x 15'' T-Shirts Cap Mug Multi-function Heat Printing Machine
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  • Voltage: 110v, 60Hz, 10A
  • Power: 1050W
  • Main Heating plate size: 12” × 15” (29 × 38CM)
  • Voltage: 110v, 60Hz, 10A
  • Power: 1050W
  • Main Heating plate size: 12” × 15” (29 × 38CM)

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Main Heating plate size
12” × 15” (29 × 38CM)
110v, 60Hz, 10A

ECVV 12" x 15"multi-function heat press machine combo 8 in 1 heat press provides a big surface to create your own custom T-shirt, special thickened heating plate makes the printing more fastness and steady. It can transfer colorful pictures and characters of sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto any material, like cotton, fiber, leather, and also metal, ceramic and glass, which request a special coating outside.

Main Heating plate size: 12”×15” (30 × 38CM)

Combo Style: 8 in 1

Voltage & Power: 220V 50Hz, 1050W

Temperature Range: 0 - 250℃ (32 - 482℉)

Operation: Swing-away

Available Material: Popular fabrics:Cotton, Polyester, Performance Fabrics, Nylon, Neoprene, Leather, Canvas/Woven Fabrics, Lycra/Spandex, Synthetic Leather, Sublimated Poly, Cordura, and more

Materials Preparation: Sublimation ink & sublimation transfer paper

*Note: This machine needs to work with the specific sublimation transfer ink, sublimation transfer paper and printer.



With a 12"x 15" (30 X 38 cm) large heat platen, the heat press uses Teflon-coated platen, non-stick & stable. Thickened silicone pad and sponge pad ensure flatter and even pressing because of their good elasticity. Suitable for caps, T-shirts, cups, plates, the heat press 8 in 1 saves efforts and reduces the process. 


The fully 360-degree rotation swing-away arm makes the pressure to be applied directly and evenly on the T-shirt press, improving the transfer quality. Meanwhile, it allows the heating element to be moved safely aside, reducing the chances of accidental contact.



LED screen display, easy to operate, precise control. Counting function, three modes can be switched freely, the heat press 12” x 15” transfer printing machine has memory function, easily set and store data, no need to set parameters repeatedly.


The heating plate of T-shirt press machine could greatly dissipate heat and it can automatically shut off when the temperature overheats, avoid burning, fire or other accidents. Also it is with a full-range pressure adjustment knob, so you can easily adjust the desired pressure according to the thickness of the material, better control the pressure during transfer and optimize the even transfer effect.


The sublimation machine can easily transfer colorful pictures and characters onto textiles, such as cotton, flax, fiber, nylon, fabric, etc. It combines with heat press transfer, mug heat press machine, cap heat press machine, pad heat press machine and t-shirt heat press machine.

With one transfer printing machine, you can customize your own t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mousepads, ceramic tiles, coasters, and so much more!



Packing List:

  • 1 X Fully-Assembled 12” X 15” Machine With Controller
  • 1 X Removable Silicone Pad And Cotton Pad
  • 1 X Power cord
  • 1 X Adjustable support foot Set
  • 1 X Operating Manual
  • 1 XMug Press(12*23.5cm)( 11oz )
  • 1 XHat/Cap press:5.5"x 3" (14*8cm)
  • 1 XPlate Press #1 5" max diameter (Ø12.5cm)
  • 1 XPlate Press #2 6" max diameter (Ø15.5cm)
  • 1 XMug Press 12*19cm (9oz)
  • 1 XMug Press 12OZ
  • 1 XMug Press 17OZ

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