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NALANDA 18KHz Metal Detector with All-Metal, Discriminate, Custom and Memory Mode,Pinpoint, Stable Detection Depth, Automatic Tuning, Variable Tones(Extra Foldable Shovel,Headphone)
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  • 【18 kHz High Frequency / 10'' Waterproof Search Coil / metals discrimination 9 kinds 】With Automatically Ground Balancing and adjustable sensitivity, this 18kHz high-sensitivity detector easily and accurately locates even the tiniest pieces of gold. The 10'' waterproof search coil will detect 9 kinds of metals including Gold, silver, copper, coins, artifacts, jewelry, etc. in no matter beach, shallow cave, rivers where a lot of gold is located.
  • 【5 Detecting Modes includes Discriminate Mode(Disc) etc.】①All METAL - the metal detector notifies you whenever it sees any metal. ②Disc mode - you can utilize this metal detector to discriminate other types of metal for a specific one. ③MEMORY - remember some kind of metals you choose, and it will only respond to this metal. ④CUSTOM - -reject metals that do not need to be detected. ⑤PINPOINT - This mode aids in the detection of metals.
  • 【75 * 55mm LCD display / 4-Discrimination mode Tones】The LCD display, showing possible metal type, target depth, sensitivity level, battery level, volume (3 levels adjustable), backlit cursor and target ID display. Low power - a red light will be displayed to remind you to replace the battery (Please note: the control box is not waterproof). The sound discrimination system will sound four frequency tones to help you discriminate the targets.
  • 【Length-Adjustable 44'' to 54'' / Coins Depth Indication 2'',4'',6'',10''】The Nalanda detector is detachable and length-adjustable, suitable for adults and also children. Earphone included in the Package can help to find target metal easily. 18kHz high-sensitivity also make our detector grade up the depth indication to 10''. 5 Sensitivity Levels to have a deeper indication(2〞,4〞,6〞, 8〞and 10+) of target metal.
  • 【12-months Warranty / With Full Accessories Included Shovel】What you will get: 1x metal detector, 1 multi-function foldable shovel, 1 x professional manual. 12-months warranty. Any questions, please feel free to contact us to get a satisfactory solution. Now start your treasure hunting with just 1 pack 9V battery (not included) for up to 40 hours.


metal detector

5 Mode  Non-Motion and Moving-Motion

Professional VLF Metal Detector

metal detector

Spec Information


  • Operation mode: Four plus one
  • Motion mode: ALL-METAL, Discriminate Mode, CUSTOM Mode and MEMORY mode,PINPOINT
  • Operation frequency: About 18KHz
  • Coins depth indication: 2〞,4〞,6〞, 8〞and 10+
  • Sensitivity control: 5 SENS SEGMENTS
  • Target metals discrimination: 9 kinds



  • Signal strength indication: 6 SENS SEGMENTS
  • Sound frequency: Three kinds of frequencies indicate different metals
  • Search coil: 10'' open waterproof search coil
  • Earphone jack: 3.5mm audio jack
  • Power supply: A section of 6LR61 battery (not supplied)


Package included

  • 1 X Nalanda Metal Detector
  • 1 X manual guide
  • 1 X Shovel

Metal Detector of Professional Level

Detection depth

waterproof search coil

automatic ground balance

75 * 55mm Large and detailed LCD Screen & Control Box


  • You can switch between 6 sensitivity levels;
  • You can Adjust the machine’s volume, select modes and operate several other functions.


Detection Depth deep to 10 inch


  • This Pro Metal Detector has a deeper Detection Depth than other metal detectors sold in market.
  • Let the search coil be parallel with and about 1/2 inch from the surface, not to swing it like a pendulum, high and low above the ground.


Waterproof Search 10“ Coil


  • A universal 10 inch search coil ensures the detecting accuracy.
  • The coil angle and length are adjustable so you can easily set the coil parallel to the shoreline and it will not easily get pulled aside in waves and stream drag.


Custom Mode Let You Be Free To Combine Metals You Need


  • With its advanced positioning technology, automatic ground balancing, coin depth detection, adjustable sensitivity and super-fast recovery time.
  • Battery life: 40 hours treasure hunting with 1 pack 9V battery(not including)