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IBAMA Toilet Seat Non-Electric Bidet with Self Cleaning Dual Sprayer Nozzles (Regular Nozzle & Feminine Wash) for Personal Hygiene and Healthcare
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  • 【Stepless Adjust Dial For Water Pressure Control】Other than other products, You can have your perfect wash water pressure with this stepless adjust dial water pressure control.
  • 【Dual Retractable Nozzles - One Regular Wash Nuzzle and One Feminine Nozzle】Besides the regular wash(Bidet wash) nozzle, there is one feminine nozzle, especially designed for female wash during the period of every month.
  • 【To have a more hygienic wash experience - Self-Cleaning For Dual Bidet Nozzles / Hygienic Nozzle Guard Gate】 The hygienic nozzle guard gate opens only in usage to keep the nozzles clean and can be used anytime you need. Before or after the regular wash or female wash, the self-cleaning fiction can wash the nozzles before use.
  • 【Simple installation】attaches to and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet. Our easy to install moveable plates makes setting up your bidet seamless, fast and easy.
  • 【【Package Info】1 X non-electric cold water attachable bidet ; Brass T adapter size: 15/16''(7/8"); 100CM S.S. knitting hose; An installation instruction paper.


Why Choose IBAMA Bidet?

We are confident that IBAMA Bidet will increase your personal comfort for years to come and more than pay for itself in the environmental and cost-saving by reducing the amount of toilet paper needed in the future.




  • Material : ABS resin
  • Weight :330 pounds
  • Dual Retractable Nozzles: Regular Nozzle and Feminie Nozzle
  • Stepless Water Pressure Control Dial
  • Self-cleaning for nozzles
  • Hygienic Nozzle Guard Gate
  • 100cm / 39.37inch S.S. knitting hose


Ultra slim as 6mm fit most standard toilet.


toilet seat


Self-Cleaning Nozzle and Retractable Nozzles Always Stays Clean


  • Self-cleaning nozzles will spray water to clean itself every time before or after use. Compare to the other Bidets with the door/Cover on the front of the nozzle, we have truly achieved self-cleaning. The model has a front door, have to clean the door manually.
  • To activate Self-cleaning, simply turn the mode dial to Nozzle Cleaning.
  • The nozzle only appears when needed and will stay indentation when not in use for a better protection and confident clean.


Simple Installation and Convinent For Using


  • The installation is very simple with an easy following step-by-step instruction in 10 minutes, all the parts are included(100cm Hose& Brass T-Adapter).
  • The panel close by hand is easy to reach and operate before, during, or after using.(Bidet water volume valve&knob only can be installed on your right-hand side)
  • We recommend that you check whether the toilet is suitable for IBAMA Bidet in advance. We have listed the applicable toilets and size requirements in the picture.


Dual Independent Water Spray Nozzles


  • Dual separate nozzles for a better cleanse.
  • Besides the regular wash(Bidet wash) nozzle, there is one feminine wash nozzle, especially designed for female wash during the period of every month.
  • Bring you a massage-level butt cleaning experience.